Client / Owner: Thom + Cyndie Bell
Team Members: Tim Schouten, AIA; Jake Weber, Assoc. AIA
Contractor: R&H Construction
Engineer: Madden & Baughman Engineering
Project Type: Remodel + Addition
Building Type: Single Family Residence
Building Size: 4,250SF
Location: Redmond, OR
Completion Date: 2017
Photography: David Papazian

  • 2018 LUXE RED Regional Awards – Design Excellence for a Major Renovation
  • 2018 Master Design Awards – Gold – Whole House Remodel
  • Winner, Michelle. (June/July 2018). Rangers Ridge. Western Art & Architecture, pg. 130 – 135.
  • Clapham, Kyle. (September 2018). Whole House More Than $700,000. Qualified Remodeler, pg. 26, + cover.
  • Cooper Findling, Kim. (November/December 2018). Home as Art. Bend Magazine, pg. 65-70.

Situated on the edge of a canyon overlooking the Deschutes River, the existing ranch house lacked personality, unlike its charismatic owners. Three modern additions redefine the structure and create a more functional plan for the retired ranch owners.  Doubling as a gallery, the new entry addition pierces the existing house and roof and emerges on the other side as a monitor, drawing in more light. Several level changes that segmented the existing living spaces were realigned to unify the kitchen, dining, and living areas, and with the help of a small addition, more useful space for entertaining was created. The master suite was also streamlined and expanded to make room for a fitness space previously located in the garage. Glass walls open up the south facade to allow light deep into the space while maximizing views of the canyon below, and a minimalist interior allows the couple’s extensive art collection to be showcased throughout the home. Dark vertical siding blends with the natural landscape while knotty, horizontal, cedar planks provide a bold but natural accent to the exterior façade.