Client / Owner: Withheld
Team Members: Tim Schouten, AIA; Jenny Landwehr
Contractor: Ryan Matson, Inc.
Project Type: New Construction
Building Type: Single Family Residence
Building Size: 6,300 SF
Location: McMinnville, OR
Completion Date: 2014
Photography: David Papazian

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This modern ranch house with sweeping views of the wine country was designed as three separate structures, two separate master bedroom blocks and one central living area block, all connected by a series of high shed roofs and low roof canopies.  With its single level U-shaped footprint, the open plan takes advantage of its wide site by creating large outdoor living areas within a central, private courtyard.
Pacific Northwest and western influences in materials include Columbia River stone basalt walls and natural cedar on interior and exterior planes alike.  The large roof overhangs and lower roof canopies were designed for better outdoor living in the winters while simultaneously offering shade during the dry summers.