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October 2012

Design With the Other 90{487c014636624d4af17bb225b00e1b760d2800949b88e91f17e8e90a103d6534}: Cities

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For the first time in history, most of the world’s seven billion people live in cities. However, close to one billion of these people live in informal settlements, crudely referred to as slums or squatter settlements. Many of these people are forced to live on only 2 dollars a day, and as a result there are many societal problems that arise. “Design With the Other 90{487c014636624d4af17bb225b00e1b760d2800949b88e91f17e8e90a103d6534}: Cities” is an exhibition that helps to solve these issues through design. It is currently on display in Portland, the only West coast city to host the exhibit. Take a day to walk to the two display locations and you will see what an expansive project this is.

Organized by Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, “Exchange, Adapt, Include” can be viewed at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. A short stroll to the MercyCorps building and you can see the “Reveal, Prosper, and Access” portion of the exhibit. Countries in Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa are the primary focus of the design work. Design professionals from around the globe collaborated with residents to create a new infrastructure for the poor that fosters and accelerates innovation.

            There are 60 projects, proposals, and solutions on display at the two venues. Individual objects such as; portable vendor stands, solar lanterns, and community kitchens help shine the spotlight on entrepreneurship and innovative approaches to the needs in these rural communities. There are also broader strategic solutions for farming, irrigation, urbanization, teaching, and shelters. Each project is displayed through use of; video and photo documentation, full scale artifacts and models, and statistical data. The projects are presented beautifully and are visualized throughout the exhibition to further contextualize the challenges met by the design solutions. It is an extremely worthwhile way to spend your Saturday.

Architecture and Design Festival Home Tour

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As part of the 2012 Portland Architecture and Design Festival, the “Design Matters Home Tour” will be happening this Saturday, October thirteenth, from 10 am on. Seven innovative homes from top local architects will be open for viewing, including a prefab home from Jeff Kovel, and several examples of modern, efficient architecture and living. The tour is all day and it is self-guided, with tickets available for 40 dollars. Please call (503)223-8757 for ticket information, and visit the website below for home tour info or other Design Festival activities.

Go to for more information.

Portland Open Studios Tour

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This weekend marks the first round of the 2012 “Portland’s Open Studios” tour, which takes place throughout Portland. This is a unique and fun way for artists from a variety of disciplines to share their work, process, and spaces, as they open their doors to the public for viewing. There are over 100 artists who have applied and been selected by an independent juried panel, who will share their art the second and third weekends in October. Not only will you be able to view the artist in their element, art will be available for purchase. A tour guide ($15), or a map-only ticket ($5) can be purchased at any New Seasons, and the art stores Collage, Muse, Columbia, and I’ve Been Framed. Giulietti/Schouten Architects also have tickets available. 

 Go to for more information on the tour and the artists.