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Another reason to go green!

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As if saving the & planet wasn’t enough, here’s another great reason to go green!

“Homes built between May 1, 2009 90{487c014636624d4af17bb225b00e1b760d2800949b88e91f17e8e90a103d6534} and with April 30, 2010 that were certified – with Earth Advantage, Energy Star by or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Homes designation – on average sold for Publications 18 percent world! more than homes without a certification. Existing homes that received a certification sold for 23 percent more.”

For Technology the rest of the article:

Latest Publications

By publicity

In the last couple of months G/S has received some excellent publicity.  Luxe Magazine, in its fall issue, featured our design for the sleek modern interior of an urban penthouse in Portland’s Pearl District.   Shortly following this publication, the recently completed Cody Cabin, a rustic old-west influenced home, was featured as the cover story for Oregon Home magazine.  The article was the perfect bookend to a unique project and testament to a great client-architect relationship with homeowner Karin Cody.